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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hurricane salamanera voice cry...

Bollywood Salman - Hurricane's what I love. Existence for a long established Bollywood kyatarina salamanera hand. I have long cutiye. But a couple of years before their relationship broke down. But nowadays with the CAT sallura increasing the visibility of their predictions have also reconcilable. This has been strengthened purbabhasa, Hurricane prasansaya recently been pancamukha uthaya Salman.The Tiger tha' image of the work by visiting his old lover Salman Khan recently, Hurricane gunakirtane uthaya Get lost. Salman - Hurricane 2008 in pair with the last act of the Subhash ghaiyera 'crown prince' in the picture. Almost five years after they are played in pairs with a romantic image, one of tha Tiger '- a. By working with a long pair of Salman recently, Hurricane to work with the same comfort I feel. Our understanding is there is no shortage of work for long, but it was not sutinye. Keywords hope we can pair with more films.Recently, histori channel to a new channel program in the comments. Anusthanatite Salman Khan said, I am working with katarinara, so there is a history of making odd. The outstanding performance of the katarina. I try to act according to his ability. If the pair together, so we can make history.Directed by Kabir Khan, one of tha Tiger 'photo shooting last year in Cuba recently, the pair came back to Mumbai. Salman said, its romantic style, but there are some fight scenes. The rest are often shooting days with Salman said to go back to Cuba. He said that Cuba often shooting for a nice place. I spend a lot of beautiful places like the opportunity to choose kiubakei deal.

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India's intervention against the JI muktiyuddhe neyani

Syed Ali Shah pakistanasasita kasmirabhittika senior politician, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gilani per manabatabirodhi people detained for offenses against Golam Azam Amir and group leaders of all claims.
Islamist political coalition in Jammu and Kashmir hurariyata all parties conference (epieicasi) Chairman Syed Ali Shah gilani, the JI leader detained in vindictive.
They demanded the release of a letter he wrote last Tuesday along the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
India's influence on the risk of and intervention in the independence war of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971 as part of the neyani gilani argued.
He said, 'Indian dominance will persist even realize its existence from the state chayatale Bangladesh's Jamaat-e-Islami is part of the freedom movement neyani. If he does not interfere with India, then he probably would not be a problem for people to take part in the war. '
He said, 'Most of the leaders of the imperialist project has realized the truth after 40 years of India's tatparabarti is evidence that the country is not a friend. If so - do not e-business, it was not set on New Delhi to fight against Bangladesh in Chittagong Hill Tracts, and their behavior was not a military training. '
In addition, a fair share of water from India to Bangladesh are deprived of the desert border into Bangladesh to citizens how the animal was killed abicarai did not have the greatest gilani Shah.
He said that consideration had it behind the creation of Bangladesh, a Muslim country in the world map and the true state of all the desires of peace and stability. '
The case against the leaders of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has all of his vindictive. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been resolved because of the war has claimed gilani sasanamalei.
The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, 'Now, 40 years after the War of your government, some definitely innocent people found guilty of trying. It is illegal, immoral and constitutionally unacceptable. '

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

50 A person can change the world number 16 in the list of comments and sumaiya

Ena from New York, United States, by two of the world's 50 most influential book is listed. They are a sumaiya October (27) and the other Salman Khan. A list of 50 most influential entrepreneurs in the world of Web publishing and news agency Reuters klauta. Sumaiya I6 got the list of places to number 16. On the other hand free to visit the online method to teach mathematics in the wake of Salman Khan in response to Britain 'uiyarda' magazine published by the change in the world has helped to enable the 50 individuals listed. Salman Khan's index of 16. Atlantic's shore two famous companies in the list and not in South esiyanadera. A few months ago, 100 people around the world as one of the more enterprising people. Ryan came up horse names. Sumaiya Kazi, Salman Khan, and more. In recognition of gay expatriates in the United States has talent, energy, unforgettable horse. International angane in Bangladesh and the glorious image of the 3 special personality to have been unaffected by 'America - Bangladesh - Canada Convention (ABC Convention), the committee recommends. Money for their respective participation in the last 3 years, particularly paradarsidera Convention held in New York on ABC. Convention held in June of last week, ABC will be the front nine and was 3 janakei special respect should be shown on ABC Convention Committee, said in the message body enake. All her mother's daughter sumaiya onadera sanaphransisako Bay area in California with. The facts samajasebaya phamke education. The marketing manager of the
Sanamaikro system. 40 to 50 hours a week as there is time. He also spent more hours to go from 0 to 40 in the 'Cultural Dot Connect the respective company. In 2005 he founded the 'Cultural Connect Dot' tisisisi place. Karmoddipaka youth under the age of 35 - Bring in abagahane yubatidera own culture in the organization involved. Published in the weekly 5 E - Magazine. Connect them to the country, the midalaista Connect, the esiyakanekta, The African, The Latin Connect and Connect. Hundreds of thousands more than 50 countries, the number of magazine subscribers. 3 of the staff of the magazine is currently working ardhasatadhika staff. And strategic marketing from the University of California barakeli plyaninye Higher Degree sumaiya I said, because the two countries increasingly popular myagajinagulo 8 angarajyera 18 sitite office has been set. We are working with a team. In the United States by Business Week magazine's 2006 anurdhba - to 5-year-old's sponsors get recognition as a top sumaiya. The magazine published the same year, the world's top 75 female entrepreneurs who are sumaiya. Last 14 th February, Reuters and klauta 'website has published the most influential 50's - the list of sponsors. The number of sumaiya October 16. The 50 talented individuals can change the world, has published a list of landanabhittika 'uiyarda' magazine. In other years, the magazine published a list of the world's top 15 innovations, but the number increased to 50 and he has. There is Bill Gates's wife Melinda Gates, and Amazon said bejosa jukarabargasaha bikhyatara vulnerable. The list of famous people in Barisal khanao General's comments. Salman Khan was born in the United States and the world emaaiti lujiyanaya He has 3 degrees. Bachelor of Science, he claims, engineering and computer ilektikyala sayense. The MS in Computer Science and Electrical injiniyarinye. Another well-known educational institutions by the end of the MBA from Harvard University. Yahoo, Google notepad in 2004 numbers to train and teach his kajina nadiyake YouTube tiutorinyera idea to devise. He founded the Khan Academy. Salman Khan in the education system is so amazing is that the uthena 2009 jobs in their countries. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Chairman Bill Gates A boy in his father's defeat and 2010 in a conference speech in the context of the time, Salman Khan. Taraparai Khan Academy, the name spread around the world. In the video over and over about a quarter of 2600 million provided by Michelle YouTube - negotiated in exchange for a nickel. Anyone can take from that side of the world in education. Mathematics, science, history and economy is about to Michelle. The Concept of the virtual classroom concept tiutorinyera as evidence of success, and that is why he has been given this honor.

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The news is not fanciful to the point

By Sea - runi fictional murder investigation, so that the information in a news release that do not disrupt the system for 4 hours to move information between the Home of the High Court. Print and electronic media, without any specific progress of the investigation by the investigation officer not to have been issued in every direction. Rita in terms of application AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury and Justice Jahangir Hossain on Tuesday by Justice of the Order of the Bench.Court order has been called, we note, are two of the measures taken in journalist murder case. In this investigation we have any kind of mistake or inadvertence. These events bring out the full truth of the multiple investigations work. Prime responsibility for the incident situation. However, we note with grief, or a number of politicians to hamper Inquiry Comments are derelict. Roy was the leader of an opposition gatakalai Help, or the governments. We do not know the language to criticize the comments. Leader of the Opposition criticism of the language, we do not know at derelict. He has been with the verdict. This statement must affect the investigation and trial process. It is very derelict comments. United Kingdom or any other country in the form of comments, he would go to jail. The incident has been the case, it is a question about a comment and proud contempt of court. For the rule of law and constitutional rule, it humakisbarupa. Of the people who killed couple of journalists who do not have any sympathy, but their exploitation is why they are such a comment. We hope, in the case of the rule of law and justice to ensure that they will consider. In addition to the two magazines in the world. Inquiry can also be affected. We believe it will create such a situation, the Inquiry will be affected. The two journalists killed in the press release of journalist will be affected by the trial and investigation.Court by the Sea - the real reason for the murder runi udaghatanera and appropriate legal process and why the refund should be put under trial, it has issued more than a rule. Two weeks of the Secretary, Information Secretary, Inspector General of Police, Director General of RAB, DB deputy commissioner (south) and the Sher-e-rulera police officer in charge has been asked to reply.Tuesday morning, human rights and environmental organizations, Human Rights and Peace for the rita's application filed on behalf of moraseda manajila. Two newspaper reports are attached to the application with rita. Feb 7, "yari in my country, another is ready to judge Mia 'is the title of a report published. The Daily Ittefaq newspaper, a journalist couple killings, police looking for murder motibha udaghatane a judge Mia 'is the title of a news release.Rita is in the application, Police couples, this journalist has not grephatare refund. Which has affected the family's human rights abuses. During the investigation of a variety of media by the police. The judge is saying that Mia is the news release, which is creating confusion among the public. It can be confused with the police investigator. Ritakari court hearing on behalf of the Advocate manajila moraseda. Government on behalf of the deputy attorney general ABM Altaf Hossain. Case, Yusuf Hossain Humayun sunanikale Court Advocate, Advocate Nurul Islam, one of the Advocate. M Rezaul Karim, AM Amin Uddin, and kiddy mahabubauddina Barrister of Law and the Nation, edited by Saleh uddinera kamisanabisayaka heard of.Manajila moraseda hearing, the government has been, is being investigated properly. The judge in the incident and some of the great newspapers of dharache Mia. If the accused is arrested as a real judge people know as Mia. It also requires a court order. He said that he স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী grephatare refund within 48 hours, it rapidly over the tadantakaridera pressure. We believe that the more pressure applied to the court. That is why we have come to court.The court said that politics is now in progress. And we are all in khumji Politics. This is unexpected. It is helpful if you will œ M bigha. BNP joint secretary general at the time of the court, the court called counsel mahabubauddina khokanake said, I have even been murdered. During the investigation of such comments impede the investigation of doing it. Disrupt the trial. I said, an important politician, of governments in the derivatives. The victims of government corruption was a lot of information. Mahabubauddina kiddie said about the Prime Minister's comments. The court said the Prime Minister was hanged in her room with the security police and the government can do? Sitting with their ejalase bicarapatisaha indicate that VIP is important that we have in this country. We both have the ganamyana. I have to watch. If someone wants us to be here, but it can be prevented through the store? Is it enough? In fact, according to the security of the United States government responsible. In the event that you are the leader of the ruling. I judge from the words of your leader will be affected. The role of the courts has been revealed. I go to jail when he was in England in the comments. Kiddy said at the time, England, in the case of স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী would resign. All the events happening in the killing. As lawyers say, is not pending in any pakserai comments. However, it has become a culture in Bangladesh. He also said the opposition leader with I Help. He said that it is the letter Ñ in the last few days - a summary of news from newspapers.The Awami League Member of Parliament and former Secretary Nurul Islam by suprimakortera Bar Association, said that the Leader of the Opposition during the investigation. He can do it easily. Many investigations have been completed within 4 hours. In many cases it takes a little time. In the past we have seen, in such cases the government says, will not be the case. Justice can not be invoked. In the case of the yeto, the fact is affecting. But such an incident happened. The court said there is a, dileida Justice, justice denied. I also have another, harida Justice, Justice barida. I just do not hustle. Awami League Presidium Member Advocate Yusuf Hossain Humayun said, we are waiting for this event, a fair investigation. That will be investigated in a fair and transparent investigation. Suprimakorta Bar Association, former editor of the. M Rezaul Karim said, I personally killed two journalists cinatama. The incident happened after the President, the Prime Minister has expressed concern স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী. In the past, journalists sand, ruby ​​Saha, and Belal samachura been victims of the killing. The highest levels of government, then all were far from the concerns I had, not the least concern. The investigation of the incident showing the highest amount of sincerity, he does not notice the wreck of the case should be properly investigated. The court said, but it's a controversial issue that the Leader of the Opposition. I can fairly judge the investigator? AM Amin Uddin suprimakorta Bar Association, former editor of the Law of the investigator will receive 1 to 0 days. The broken family is not the proper investigation, then they can apply for punahtadantera. Kibria hatyaya it happened. The court said that judges in England and America is my country, not less. There are very few countries in the world of the third kind. We order that all day, Who dakachi, it is written you can understand it. But what will be the incidence of nanajana? Judges to be the correct decision. The court, editor of the Daily Ittefaq kamisanabisayaka Law and the opposition leader Saleh uddinake was about to comment on the court. Saleh Uddin said that the opposition leader said, it must be a derelict. The Prime Minister said, can not guard bedroom. It is not correct. Opposition leaders as well as the two ministers said, in an unstable environment that has been brought to this murder, it is not. The court said the duty of everyone's bedroom is not possible. Saleh Uddin said, we watch the Bedroom, and it is not caio. Shane writes a senior journalist of our clean, natural death, I guarantee. In the past, such events occurred. Investigation and prosecution of such cases is not fair. The judgment of the court was. We would like to, you and a judgment. The court said that the journalists are also in the organization. As a senior journalist to be responsible for the news media can do better role. Judge O'Meara writes like a magazine, it just? Saleh Uddin said there is not anything outside review. The report of the issues being reviewed. However, if the investigation is completed, the report goes forward will be clear to all. He said the democratic government since 1991, said a total of 17 journalists have been killed. Hatyarai someone who did not know. Samachura, and bear cases pending in the High Court order. The Court of Appeal to come to you, we'll take action. We do not think we have in the bench or in any other bence they do not see. Saleh Uddin said, our journalists are among the various groups. However, in case we were united. It does not mean that we were united against the government. We know this is killing me. At the end of the hearing of the order of the court.

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Parnographira maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment

Maximum 10 years imprisonment for parnographi and the Cabinet approved the provision of fine of Rs 5 lakh parnographi Control Bill - was passed by 2012 of the National Parliament on Tuesday. Advocate Sahar a Khatun
home Minister bill passes the proposal, if passed kanthabhote. The bill was consensus on that - Selection Committee and sent to proposed amendments are rejected. Advocate Sahara Khatun said the purpose of the bill containing the statement, the movies, satellite, and mobile websites all over the country to spread the disease through a Reading Í parnographi died. Youth parnographi push by the destruction of society. The victims were many women - and men and children are being socially heyapratipanna. But in particular because no law to prevent crime and justice can not be arapadhidera. The need for legislation to control the context of reality parnographi occurred. Parnographira definitions in the bill, judicial courts, trial and appeals process, store and marketing them, and the criminal investigation and the search process has been embedded as a Minister of the amalayogyatara. The final bill approved by the Cabinet in January. National parliaments of the bill raised after January 29 home Minister Parnographira the definition in the bill has no sexual tension caused ribald dialogue, acting, gesture, dance naked, or that adhanagna Movies, Videos, audio visual figure, sthiracitra, graphics or any other means which any artistic or educational value and is contained and does not show. The sexual tension created by the pornographic books, periodicals, sculpture, representation, sculpture, cartoons, or leaflets, or their negative or software versions will denote parnographira. The bill has been called, parnographi production, storage, marketing, transportation, supply, trade, and can not be displayed. If the complaint is found parnographira police sub-inspector (esaai) or its officers with the parity will be able to complete the investigation within 30 days. Investigation of the senior officials of the court's permission to allow more than 15 days and found more than 30 days can be taken up. The six numbers in the bill, the immediate arrest of a person with no criminal ejatiya parnographi search for tools that can be run out. Parnographi production and use of children for more than bitaranakaridera penalty provisions have been kept. The maximum 10 years imprisonment and to fines of up to Rs 5 lakh has been prescribed. Parnographi to any person participating in the production or collection of the agreement will be created, or any woman, man or child enticement with jnate or unknowingly sets, video or a film containing a maximum of 7 years imprisonment and a fine of up to Tk. If anyone fall through, or someone parnographira Used to store or transport, but even some of ejatiya to 15 years imprisonment and fined Rs 1 lakh to be. Section 7 and number 8 the number of bills have been upadharaya, parnographi-related crimes can be brought sahayatakariderao punishment. If someone is convicted of the offense within 30 days to appeal to him. The provisions of the bill has been under the false charges dayerakarikeo punishment. The draft law in July of 2010 raised for the first meeting of the privy.

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Hurricane - karina - the science behind the bracelet dipikake

Picture of the science behind Hurricane darti bracelet, karina and Deepika's demand for complete typical. Course of study bracelet - a combination of E are bigabajetera Video Project 'meherunnisa' - the name of the role. Although the character was getting a running back bidyai.Video production, according to the blend, and many wonder meherunnisa the character was conceived. This was the Hurricane, karina, Deepika, Bipasha Basu and citrangada name. But most of all Hurricane pradakasanera Preferred list were two names and academic kaipha bracelet.Bollywood family film about Hurricane kaipha katacchena currently busy time. He agreed to wait until the non-Digital Mixed sidiula found. The logistics for daroja not open.Historical background to this picture will be too expensive meherunnisara tarunyera days from 0 years of age. It can be seen bidyake. The film will be meherunnisara aged 6 years of life reached the end of days. Meherunnisa role played by the mother oyahida.The bracelet is now time to study katacchena YouTube added 'ghanacakkara - Preparing for the shooting. Average years until he was busy 'ghanacakkara image was. 'Meherunnisa' sidiula by the year end.

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No case can be charged at 21 August

Senior Vice Chairman of the latest news rahamanasaha 52 with 21 grenade attack case accused may be charged.The order is set for Wednesday.The new case against Tarique Rahman's lawyer, as the Attorney General, Additional Advocate Abdur rejjaka will soon be appointed, the court order on Wednesday.Advocate General rejaura Rahman said Bangladesh head of state counselor, rahamanasaha cases against people accused in the case of 52, we have proposed the establishment of a complaint. Prolonged exclusion from the application filed on behalf of the 33 accused have been hearing. The structure of the court's jurisdiction. 'However, other state counselor khondakara Advocate General of Bangladesh, 52, were accused by a complaint against the structure, we have to offer. 33 people accused in the case of exclusion from the exemption may apply to the hearing, but they are able to present conclusive evidence in court. Moreover, new cases by a lawyer because he can not be helped by hearing complaints against the idea of ​​progress. However, it is appropriate that the court case was brought to the exclusion of liability can. 'A number of the trial judge to review by Tribunal. Shahed Noor uddinera by the trial judge. Note by the Dhaka Central Jail Road security najimuddina judicial tribunal hearing is held next to the temporary speed.19 people accused of running rahamanasaha cases because of the exclusion to apply. However, after a complaint form from the state attorney will be appointed.At 5 months of complaints about the structure of the court hearing on 31 dharyya. The September 11 hearing on the complaint form.3 July last year, CID 's Senior Vice-Chairman of the Special Police Super Science Stories calotropis gigantea whose more than 30 people accused in the complement of additional cases rahamanasaha carjasita submitted.The number of people accused of the previous carjasite. The defendant in the case of John carjasitasaha supplement 52.In August of 2004 ​​21 in front of a devastating grenade attack carried out by terrorists janasabhaya. Attacks and the current President Zillur Rahman, the Awami League, the editor of Women's Affairs and 24 were brutally killed his wife Ivy rahamanasaha.Opposition leader and former Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina is to live near prane. Hundreds of injured leaders - workers.Motijheel police station in case upaparidarsaka Faruk Hossain, Hossain Chowdhury, Awami League leader Abdul Jalil and sabera plaintiff's Motijheel police filed another 3 in the state.Carjasitabhukta asamira are complementary, Politics, and former Interior Minister lutphujjamana BNP, Khaleda Zia's political secretary haricha ago, the BNP MP Kazi Shah moyajjema kayakobada Hossain, BNP chairperson Khaleda's nephew Lt. Commander (retd) Classical Music Duke, secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid people, the commissioner's party ariphula Arif Islam, Md Hanif Malik Enterprises. Hanif, the National Intelligence Agency enaesaai the former director general Abdur Rahim, rejjakula Haider Chowdhury, former DC (East) more. Obayadura Rahman, former DB (South), Sayeed Hasan Khan, former aijipi more. Ashraful Huda, former aijipi and Haque, former special police officer investigating the case against 3 super Ruhul Amin, CID's senior munsi atikura ASP, and ASP Abdur Rashid, then additional aijipi The God Box aijipi ago, Lt.. Col (retd) Search by joyaradara, Major (retd) ATM Amin, Ghulam Mohammad, alias, alias harakatula Jihad leader Abdul Malik GM, Sheikh Abdus Salam, a citizen by kasmirera majeda Bhat, Moulana Sheikh Abdus Salam, Abdul Hannan and sabbira Yahya, Pakistan Citizen Abdul Majid Bhat, alias Pir Sahib Moulana Abdur Rouf, Hafez Maulana Yahya, saphikura Mufti Rahman, and Mufti Abdul High Babu alias Babu ratula.

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College student took the life of rivet premai bakasiganje labanira

All correspondence

The HSC has failed to fall in love with pariksarthini bisapane. The incident occurred on 8 February bakasiganjera goyalagamo of noon on Tuesday. 
 According to the family, who are in college bakasiganja HSC examinee Noor Ali, son of the village saphikula tachalima labani Purchase of the relationship of love with her. The lure of opportunity labanira saphikula marriage relationship with the immoral. Then it is pressed to deny the marriage saphikulake college student. A judge wants to have his father saphikulera labanira event. This Saturday, February 5, saphikulera mother publicly humiliated in the street sephali most labanira father. Mia's parents have this rule, the woman at home. Sunday night at the store labani saphikulera away. I may be insulting to drive home the mother saphikulera labanike. Can not tolerate insults and so on 8 February, Tuesday's suicide bisapana. Police recovered the dead labanira.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Marajuki Nobel list, the name of Clinton and alcohol

The list of nominations for the Nobel prize for the 01 locations received - tiunisiyara munsiff marajuki President, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the two leading German punarekatrikaranera helamuta spirit and the U.S. military Bradley JS myaninyera name information.
The initial list of nominations for this prestigious award in the world's largest ships have been officially on Friday. Now select the name of that committee are experts nobela. It is about protecting the privacy of the list.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee only has five members, nominated this year for the initial list of 31 people found the names of places.
Who's going to get a Nobel Prize or who it is that experts from different parts of the world have already started our advice and jalpanakalpana.
The human rights organization Human Rights Watch niuiyarkabhittika renowned European director and Nobel watcher ejalyanda Jane said, if it is to be tiunisiyara attention. '
Country in December after a successful revolution being elected President of the Arab human rights activist marajuki the only success in the spring as he describes.
In addition, Germany's former chancellor, he was eligible for helamuta kohalakeo this award.
Note that, in October of each year, peace, physics, chemistry, medical, economics, and literature of the six Nobel Prize winners are announced. The winners of the award is formally handed over to the 10 December.
The UN children's fund UNICEF, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for partial financing of the semi-young (GAVI) has a list of the nominations in October.

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ran's nuclear installations destroyed isarayela: BAPI

Kurdish fighters supported by Iran's nuclear installations isarayela destroyed. Home for a U.S. intelligence organization in the email that has been claimed.United States-based non-governmental international organization for security analysts stryatapharera an email has been claimed, is already Iran's nuclear research infrastructure destroyed by the forces isarayeli. The source of this information is not doubt.International hacker group Anonymous, recovered by stryatapharera 50 lakh from the e-mail Monday to the BAPI. An email was among the ships, Iran paramanu stryatapharera officials are set to discuss the destruction of the news. Janate they have their own sources, Kurdish fighters supported by Iran's nuclear research isarayeli kamandora sthapanagulo devastated.Sorsadera of 004 ​​to 011 from the ground up more than 50 lakh stolen e-mail to several news media on Sunday
ratei uikilikisa declared. Monday at a press conference in London to the Home of Themes.The e-mail with the U.S. government's intelligence organization, a large Corporation and its network has detailed information about the BAPI.According to the intelligence of customers to email the information - United States Department of the Ministry of Internal Security, Defense Intelligence Agency and Marine troops. More U.S. companies dau kyamikela - Bhopal, India in 1984, this company is responsible for the chemical plyante Horror crash.Also, in defense of lakahida Martin, Grumman, and rethiona stryatapharera narthrapa one customer.

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Askare silent film The Artist's news

Best Film, Best Actor and Best Oscar paricalakasaha five branches of the silent film 'The Artist'. The glittering Oscar ceremony on Sunday night is starting. Best Score and Best make-up departments arajinala Oscar winning 'The Artist'.In fact, the history of Oscar's exclusive benefit of the Artist. The last 19 to 9 in the Oscar was a silent film.French actor Jean dujardinake calaccitratite performer as actor Oscar for October is announced. In addition to the technical score and the best make-up for the best picture award in arajinala.Best Director Award is given to the film director Michael hajanabhisiyasake. He has been nominated for the first time prathamabarei askare is rarely the best of luck in that.American actress, best actress, has announced the askare Merrill Strip. Former British Prime Minister Margaret thyacarera roles 'The Iron Lady' was askare Best Actress for the film is to be awarded. Up to 17 times in the third Oscar nomination available, Merrill Strip won Oscar awards.

Canadian actor Christopher plamara 8 years of age received the Oscar Award winner in Oscar history, the Pride won the most elderly. Beginara best side for the film | - actors in the Oscar win. Help aktobhiya spensarake for the best film Oscar is parsbaabhinetri branch.Best Screenplay Oscar in the movie George kluni disenadenta acted up. Aleksandara film screenwriter pen, fax and NAT Jim rasake of this award.Technical section of the five branches of the subject soresesa Martin Wright won the Hugo.Best foreign language film Oscar, as Iranian movie on the separation of the award.

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Iranian film Oscar win

World by the most prestigious Oscar awards ceremony Sunday night (local time in the United States) has been started.
Some of the Oscar awards have already been announced. 'Help' for the film won the Best Actress Award aktabhio spenasara side. The 'biginarasa' performance for the film over at the age of (8 in) plamara Christopher Wright Prize.
Foreign language film Oscar award in the category 'of separation.
History of the world's most prestigious film awards and the prestigious Best Film and the crew askare Award is given by the different branches.
A prominent Iranian film director asagara pharahadi separation of the Iranian film history as the first movie's Oscar award....

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Shahrukh's kyatarinaya jhumkechena!

The previous year's violence, much of the interval. Shahrukh Khan has reached in his young career sirsabindute. Do not cut deep familiarity with priyankara katatei per year by Hurricane jhumkechena. Bollywood Superstar now, this approach one another in London.Recently, the title is not yasaraja pradakasanera banner Yash Chopra has been shooting a new movie in London. The image on the same flight from London to fly to Mumbai to join sutinye come kaipha Shahrukh Khan and Hurricane. Add the rest of the time it reached London, he has dujanai sutinye.Are set to meet this year's Hurricane How well, spray it with astonishment reached from London to Bollywood. Price started. If you leave your quilt katarinaya majalena King Khan, Priyanka? What happens to the same flight to London pauchara majhei, which is very near to each other by two people!Unit, according to the shooting, Shahrukh Khan was always extra careful not to katarinara. Hurricane is set to be a problem, I have, and what diet is very worried about him going. Phamke closely together, often shooting themselves in the busy alape Policy.

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15 hundred-year-old Bible debate

15 of the 'hand-written Bible, a copy of the previous year have been found in Turkey. Christ the prince of the Prophet Mohammad (sah) has forecast the arrival of the world.Last Sayings of the Bible with the Bible, with a common interest in bhyatikena very nice. Pope Benedict the sixteenth oldest Roman Catholic dharmaguru wanted to see the Bible.Some say, the Bible, Jesus, or Jesus koraane described (Moses) of 12 were written in the Bible companion is a baranabasera (gospela). Turkey in the last 12 years, the government kept it secret.Gold output has been written in the Bible Jesus' Mother ayarameike. That is, the Prophet of Islam Mohammad (sah), the arrival on earth has been given to the prior messages.Skin wrapped in animal skin can be detected in the first 2000 in the Bible. Turkish police during anti-smuggling operations management in the search.2010 until the Bible was kept in the strict security measures. Ankara is the anthropological (ethanographika) is the museum. CA looks to be very visible to the public authorities in Turkey.The Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister said, gani eratogrula, it is a standard version of the Bible can be. He described the concept of Jesus Christ of meditation with the decline due to the Christian Church gospelati pursued. He also said it wanted bhyatikena. This is a version of the controversial church. Muslims claim, the four original gospela Bible - Mark, Matthew, look, and people associated with this version will become the fifth gospela. According to the religious beliefs of Islam and the gospelera, Jesus was a man, he is not God.The Christian community gospele widely believed that 'the Holy eyi' or 'Holy Trinity' Crucify Jesus in fact has been denied. It is with this belief that Jesus is the Prophet Mohammad (sah) that came with the message.It has a verse - Jesus said that one anusarike, masihake what will be called? He will be honored July.Jesus was the Messiah refused to claim the other place. He said that he (Mohammed) will run Ismaily. Arabs use this word. However, what the Bible says a Christian dharmagurudera many claims. They said it was written barajora 16 century. The Bible has been written in Spanish and Latin sarbapracina reality. Because as they say, the first century of the Saint barnabasa survived. He was one of Jesus' 12 were anucarera. Since the Bible is written in the 5 day Saint baranabasera hundreds of years it will have a diff that does not demand it.Turkish theology professor, Hermann said Omar Faruk, the scientific experiment - niriksa do not occur without a saw. How old is it understanding that can be scanned.

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